Inspiration from “Easy Chinese: San Francisco”


Ching-He Huang, shown above, is host of the Cooking Channel’s shows Easy Chinese: San Francisco and Chinese Food Made Easy.   I happened upon an episode of Easy Chinese: San Francisco while searching for cooking shows that feature healthy cooking from scratch.  Easy Chinese: San Francisco especially interested me, since I am having fun with wok cookery and live near San Francisco.

Ching-He Huang is absolutely delightful to watch, and the food she prepared looked delicious. Watching her cook is a treat.

Born in Taiwan to Chinese parents, Ms. Huang immigrated to South Africa at age five, then to Britain at age eleven.  Before producing her current shows for the Cooking Channel, she created the 2005, UK show, Ching’s Kitchen, and she appeared on Saturday Cooks, Daily Cooks, Market Kitchen and Cooking the Books, in the UK.  Her first cookbook, China Modern was published in 2006.  I counted a total of eight cookbooks she has authored to date.

Follow this link to find out more about Ching-He Huang’s Cooking Channel shows, discover 137 of her recipes, and view 8 short video clips from her programs.

Ching-He Huang’s own website is here:

Referring back to my burned ginger and garlic dinner, I discovered in watching just one episode that Ching-He Huang stir-fries her ginger just briefly, to infuse the oil in the pan with ginger flavor. She is an inspiration.


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