About the Convivial Cook


Newly retired, I finally have the time to cook. While I have been a reluctant chef for many years, I have recently been more motivated to cook by the desire to lose weight and remain healthy.

I started getting excited about the project when I discovered that so many of my creations taste so delicious! I was also inspired by my friend and fellow amateur chef, Jill, whose enthusiasm is infectious. She introduced me to coursera.org where I found a lively  healthy-cooking video course, which started me on photographing and describing dishes I prepare. Jill and I also have shared food that we prepare, and talk about our creations. It is uplifting to have a buddy sharing this journey.

I had a major problem with my cookware because I did not own a pan large enough to contain my big veggie-stir-fries.  Jill suggested a wok.  I really had been thinking along the lines of a really large skillet or saute pan, and was initially reluctant to buy a traditional wok.  I spent several days researching large skillets, saute pans, and woks.  What I read over and over in the reviews is that food cooked in traditional-western pans cooks too slowly, so ends up being steamed rather than stir-fried.

Finally, June 2, 2013, Jill and I headed to San Francisco to The Wok Shop, 718 Grant Avenue, in the heart of San Francisco Chinatown.  Taking the recommendation of the Wok Shop’s link, “Wok Wednesdays”, a wok cooking blog,  I got a copy of Grace Young’s cookbook, “Stir-Frying To The Sky’s Edge”.  The first recipe cooked was like going to a terrific Chinese restaurant.  I was hooked!

I started this blog in order to fully participate with Wok Wednesdays blog, but I plan to add other foods I prepare, as I proceed in my culinary adventures.


2 responses to “About the Convivial Cook

  1. Nancy Pat

    Interesting about woks vs. traditional western pans. I learned something new!

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