Buying my first carbon steel WOK

Luckily I live a short drive from The Wok Shop, Tane Chan’s San Francisco Chinatown store, where my friend and I each bought the 14″ size of this wok:

USA-made-pow-wok USA-made-pow-wok-in-1

Without wooden handles, this wok can be used in the oven for paella, or even to roast a turkey.  It is jumping ahead, but I discovered while cooking, that the hollow handle stays cool, and it is easy to wok and serve with it.

It was so much fun being in Tane’s store. Every inch of the little store is crammed with merchandise having to do with either wok cookery or eating wok creations. Tane is extremely outgoing and friendly, and seems a woman of integrity, so by the time we left the store I felt like she is now a friend. I can’t say enough good about Tane.  She is the nicest person I have met in any store in a very long time, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting her.

The Wok Shop ( is the place to buy your wok because you can’t make a bad purchase from Tane, and you can’t buy cookware from a nicer person.

In addition to the wok we added a domed lid, steaming insert, natural bristle brush, chop sticks, stainless oil canisters, and spatulas of various types and sizes.  Of course, we also bought Grace Young’s book, “Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge”.

An unexpected purchase was a mortar & pestle for grinding dried spices, of an unusual design, which has the pestle the same size as the mortar.  Image



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