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Fast, healthy, “no-dressing” salad!

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This is yummy! Are you trying to lose weight? I am perpetually trying to lose weight or not regain the weight I have lost.  I have about 44 years of dieting “under my belt”, so I should be an expert, but my thoughts are constantly evolving.   At this stage of my life, taking good care of myself comes above weight loss in my priorities, so the perfect meal for me has abundant nutrients along with fitting my weight goals.

Here is a favorite lunch. The pictured bowl has about 4-5 cups of raw spinach under the fruit.  I top with an assortment of whatever fresh, delicious fruit is in my refrigerator.  This day it was strawberries, tangelos, pineapple, heirloom tomatoes on top, which provide enough natural sweetness that no dressing is needed.  Add garbanzo beans, kidney beans, cooked fish or cooked poultry if you wish.  As shown with the spinach and fruit, it is about 210 calories, 14% protein (8 grams), 8% fat (2 grams) ,  78% carbohydrates (44 grams) and 10 grams of dietary fiber.  330% of daily  vitamin A,  384% of vitamin C, 24% of calcium, and 32% of iron have been satisfied. This is making calories count!


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